• MONARCH (map)
  • 101 6th Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
  • United States

Our friends at Make it Funky are celebrating four years of fantastic dance-music events.  It all goes down at Monarch, Friday January 13th, featuring Detroit's Terrence Parker "The Telephone Man" 

From Make it Funky: 

First off, thank you - as in you, personally - for your support of Make It Funky. Simply put: this project began as a group interest and public service (enter: altruism). A conduit for spirited, no-frills, low-maintenance parties that bring people together.

If you've attended a function, invited your friends to a party, hyped an event, donated your time, "loaned" money you knew you wouldn't get back, hosted a MIF radio show, rented a generator at 6am, raced "misplaced" power cords or headphones to a dj booth, picked up trash in the dark, lied to a law enforcement officer, gave out all your cigarettes, stored PA equipment in your garage for weeks on end, spilled a drink on a mixer, let us ruin your living room, or sacrificed any hope of a working relationship with your neighbors - thank you. We couldn't have done it without you, in a way you're forever part of Make It Funky. Happy anniversary to us. 

Secondly, Terrence Parker. We hoped we could bring someone really special to play music for you. Terrence Parker, "TP", "the Telephone Man", embodies what we're all about. Where to even begin with Terrence? He's so seasoned, talented, and acclaimed no bio would do him justice. Here's a rundown: 

- Nouns: producer, remixer, DJ, turntablist, house music pioneer, Detroit, 1980 to present, label boss, OG, double OG, triple OG. 
- Adjectives: expert, veteran, award-winning, inspirational, instrumental to dance music history, soulful, prolific (understatement of the year).
- Music: house, techno, soul, inspirational, gospel, vocal, funk, disco classics, and deeeeeeeeep Detroit heat. 

Terrence has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones; causing some to give him the nick name, "Telephone Man". Others call him the "Telephone Man" because he has answered the CALL to bring us music to feed our souls!